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Environmental Education in South Africa has undergone a series of paradigm shifts. Before 1994 it was the domain of conservation bodies and non-government organisations only. Its focus was the natural world with social and political issues generally excluded.

After 1994, the right to a healthy environment was enshrined in the Constitution, but environmental conservation was rejected in favour of “sustainable development of the environment” (DEAT, 1998). The education policy described environmental education as a “vital element” for all educational levels and programmes with the purpose of creating “environmentally literate and active citizens” (DOE, 1995).

Environmental justice is one of the principles of the National Curriculum Statement and infuses the curriculum statements of all subject areas (DOE, 2003). Thus environmental education moved into the formal school curriculum, not as a subject, but rather as a theme to be included across all subjects.

However Environmental Education and Awareness has always been part of the Environmental Impact Assessment process and especially the Authorisation and Environmental Management programmes, where it is captured in the conditions of authorisation and thus legally binding. Staff must be made Environmentally aware of the potential impacts of their activities on the environmental as well as the risks of their working environment on them.

Health and Safety training has been part of the requirements for construction and mining for many year in South Africa and the World.

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This, IOSH approved online Health & Safety and  Environmental Awareness training courses are designed to introduce staff and management at all levels to the issues of health and safety and environmental responsibility, as well as looking at what can be done to reduce negative environmental impact from our day to day activities.

Key Features & Benefits of this Course

  • Complete this course online
  • CPD (Continued Professional Development) accredited & IOSH approved
  • Show commitment to the relevant Environmental Acts, and many other legislation
  • Suitable for all levels of staff and management
  • End of course test and printable certificate
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