Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2014, was published in terms of the National Environmental Management Act,  1998 (Act No, 107 of 1998).

According to section 34 and 35 in Chapter 5, of these regulations, compliance with environmental authorisations, environmental management
programmes and closure plans need to be audited and amended as a result of the audit if needed.

Monitoring and auditing  is one of the areas of the environmental legislation which is often neglected.

The regulations determine that:

The holder of an environmental authorisation must, for the period during which the environmental authorisation and EMPr, and where applicable the closure plan, remain valid ensure that the compliance with the conditions of the environmental authorisation and the EMPr, and where applicable the closure plan, is auditedand submit an environmental audit report to the relevant competent authority.

The environmental audit report must be prepared by an independent person with the relevant environmental auditing expertise.  It should provide verifiable findings, in a structured and systematic manner, on the level of performance against and compliance of an organization or project with the provisions of the requisite environmental authorisation or EMPr and, where applicable, the closure plan. It should also show the ability of the measures contained in these documents to sufficiently provide for the avoidance, management and mitigation of environmental impacts associated with the undertaking of the activity. The audit should be conducted and the report submitted to the competent authority at intervals as indicated in the environmental authorisation.

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